Master Global Report Templates

The Master server will send a daily summary report during system maintenance if you enable this option in the Global Settings. A default template is included with Mailborder, but you may modify the template or create your own here:

Master Server > Left Menu > Templates > Email Reports

You then assign the template here:

Master Server > Left Menu > Configuration > Global Settings > Summary Report Template

The below slugs can be used within your template to customize how the information is displayed. Using the _table options automatically formats and inserts the data in the form of a table. However, you may use the more granular slugs to display the data.

To customize the CSS of the automatic table creation, see this guide.

Slugs - Totals

[global_total_table] Automatic totals for all email. This is printed in a table. 
[global_domains_table] Automatic totals for each hosted domain. This is printed in a table.

Slugs - Domain Totals

[domain_table][] Automatic totals for the specified domain. This is printed in a table.

Slugs - Global Granular Data Access


Slugs - Domain Granular Data Access



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