Customizing Master Summary Reports CSS

You can alter how the table is displayed by modifying or adding your own CSS to the template. Below is a list of class identifiers used in each table type if you are using automatic table rendering. Also attached to this article are downloadable examples of what a full table would look like.


Master Summary Report - Global

Class Name Description
global_total_table  Table class 
global_total_table_tr  Table row class 
global_total_table_td_left  Table td left class 
global_total_table_td_right  Table td right class 


Master Summary Report - Domain

Class Name Description
domain_total_table  Table class 
domain_total_table_tr_domain_title  Table row for domain name
domain_total_table_td_domain_title  Table td for domain name using colspan="2"
domain_total_table_tr  Table row class 
domain_total_table_td_left  Table td left class 
domain_total_table_td_right  Table td right class 


Download example file:

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