Problem: Parts of GUI not Working

A common problem with parts of the GUI not loading is that Ajax calls are blocked to the backend when using a self-signed SSL certificate. This is primarily a problem with the Chrome browser. To correct this issue:

  • Open the Master GUI web page in Chrome. 
  • Click the "Not Secure" banner near the URL window. 
  • Select the "Certificate" link.
  • Click the "Details" tab.
  • Click "Copy to File" and save the file to your desktop.
  • Windows users: Right click the saved certificate and select "Install Certificate". Select "Local Machine" or "Current User" for the location, select "place all certificates in the follow store" and click "browse", select the "trusted root certification authorities" and click next, click "finish". 
  • MAC Users: Import the certificate via the key chain application.
  • Close Chrome completely, restart, and visit the Master GUI again. 

This procedure must also be repeated for the Portal GUI.

It is best to install a valid SSL certificate within the Master GUI when possible. 



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