File Policies

File Policies are used to control what types of file extensions are allowed to pass or be stopped by the Mailborder email gateway. The file extensions used in files policies are defined under the Components menu. 


Default File Actions

If enabled, any file extension that does not match a rule in the file policy will fail the check and be stopped. This includes files in archives if the Archiving Handling option is enabled. If this option is disabled, any file extension in an email that does not match a defined extension will be allowed. 

Archive Handling

If enabled, the scanner will also look inside of archive files, such as .zip files, for files that match or do not match the extension list. This option works on archive files even if the archive is password protected. 

Null Extensions

If enabled, this will allow files with no extension at all. Some email clients do this with signature block images or other embedded content. 

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