Authenticators are username:password combinations that allow remote devices to relay email through the Mailborder server or cluster. This also known as SMTP authentication or SMTP AUTH.

To add an Authenticator, go to Cluster > Authenticators


On the client device, enter the username and password. Select the option to require TLS.


By default TLS is required for authentication. You may disable this if required, but this is not recommended. Edit the file /etc/mailborder/conf.d/ and set this value to no:

smtpd_tls_auth_only = no

Once disabled, rebuild your configurations. You will now be able to configure your client to authenticate without TLS.

mb-rebuild -r


Email Scanning
Email sent through the Authenticator will be scanned for spam, viruses, etc. using policies that match the characteristics of the email. If no policy match is made, the default policies are used. 


Authenticators are counted against your Mailborder license. Each authenticator counts as 0.1 objects in licensing and is rounded up. Some examples:

Authenticator Count License Count
13 2
22 3
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