Repository and Software Installation

Summary of Steps:

  • Install a supported operating system
  • Setup DNS Requirements
  • Run the repository installation script
  • Install via the system package manager
  • Create a Mailborder account on this website
  • Obtain a Mailborder license code via the store

Supported Operating Systems

The following operating systems are supported by Mailborder. Any variant of these operating systems will also work. For example, Elementary OS Juno is based on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. Therefore, it may be used with Mailborder.

Operating System Version/Release
Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (preferred) Bionic 64 bit
Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (master only) Xenial 64 bit

More operating systems may be added at a later date, such as Debian 10 Buster when it becomes available.

Red Hat Notes
Mailborder makes extensive use of PHP 7.x, which is not yet natively supported by Red Hat. Red Hat also does not include numerous other packages used by Mailborder in its repository. Therefore, we cannot provide an installation package for Red Hat distributions.

DNS Requirements

Mailborder v5 uses FQDNs to access the Master server interface and for communication between Master and Child servers. It is critical DNS is setup before installing the software. The Master interface is not accessible via IP address.

Read: DNS Requirements

Recommended Hardware

Hardware requirements are going to vary depending on email volume, quarantine retention, and archive retention. You may use physical or virtual servers. The more database inserts on the Master server and the heavier the use of the User Portal will determine your CPU requirements for a smooth experience. Child servers not only provide high availability, but they also relieve the Master server of the heavy load of processing email. Below are some recommendations:

Master and Child Servers
Minimum 2 4GB 60GB
Recommended 4 8GB 120GB
Heavy Use 8 16-64GB 240-400GB


To help you find the model you need, see our complete Master Server Capability Matrix and the license calculation guide. Then select your server license from the Mailborder store. Trial licenses are available.

Adding the Mailborder Repository

Mailborder is installed via your server’s package manager apt (Debian/Ubuntu). Our repository must first be added to your server’s configuration. As the root user or via sudo, use the setup script to add the Mailborder repository:

cd /tmp
chmod +x
sudo ./

Master Installation

Run this command to install the Master software:

sudo apt-get install mailborder-master

Follow the remaining directions within the setup program. Ensure that the server is rebooted once the installation is complete.

* When asked about the configuration type for Postfix, select “No Configuration“.

Child Installation

The installation steps for the Child server are the same as the Master server. However, you will need to add the Child server to the Master server’s cluster first.

Master Menu > Cluster > Member Servers > Add

Again, the DNS Requirements must be met prior to installing the software. Run this command to install the Child software:

sudo apt-get install mailborder-child

Follow the remaining directions within the setup program.

* When asked about the configuration type for Postfix, select “No Configuration“.

Migrating a v4 to v5 Master Server

You can migrate some of your configuration data from v4 to v5. This includes domains, networks, email forwards, white lists, and black lists. For more information see How to Migrate v4 data to v5.


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