First Steps

Operating System

First, install a supported operating system listed on the Mailborder website. Attempting to install Mailborder on an unsupported operating system will fail miserably as the software is tied to certain aspects such as the PHP version that should be included with the supported operating system.

PHP Versions

Don't change the version of PHP installed on the supported operating system. Again, the Mailborder software is tied to specific versions of PHP. 

DNS Records

Setup your DNS before you begin the installation. There are specific DNS requirements. The interface cannot be accessed via IP address, so it is paramount DNS be setup before installation. See the DNS Requirements article for details. 

Firewall Requirements

Your Mailborder server will require specific outbound ports for installation and basic operation. See the Ports and Protocols article for details.

License Code

You will need a valid Mailborder license code for your server during setup. The software will not complete the installation without a valid license code. You may obtain a code from the Mailborder web store. Some versions of Mailborder licenses allow a trial period. 


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