Problem: GUI not loading

If the Mailborder Master or Portal GUI is failing to load or only partially loading, check the following: 

- Trying to Access by IP

The GUI cannot be accessed by IP in Mailborder. A virtual host name must be used. 

- No DNS entries

Each virtual host name must have a DNS entry. The most common schema:

- Server FQDN: A or AAAA record (or both)
- Master GUI: CNAME 
- Portal GUI: CNAME 

Each CNAME should point to the server FQDN. Your MX record should point to the MTA CNAME. 

- Duplicate Virtual Host Names

Each Master GUI, Portal GUI, and API must have its own unique FQDN host name. If the same host name was entered for multiple GUIs or the API, the web server will encounter a fatal error and not start. 

- SSL/TLS Failure

If you have or had a non-self-signed certificate installed and removed it or disabled it, many web browsers will throw an error. This will result in partial content being loaded. To correct this issue, clear your web browser's cache, close it, reopen it, and access the Mailborder server again. 


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    Simon Hedger

    can i add  - check that your host hardware /VM/Intance has been allocated sufficient RAM otherwise MariaDB will not start , and hence no gui.

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    Andres Valarezo

    I recently added a new license, but the browser shows me error 500 and I can not access the mailborder console.


    Please Help

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