Administrators and Permissions


Administrators are users that have access to the Master server interface and can make changes to the entire Mailborder cluster. Standard users should not have access to this interface.

  • You are limited to the number of administrative users by your Mailborder license. 
  • Administrative users can be assigned different permission levels with varying capabilities.
  • You may allow administrators to reset their password in Global Configuration > Settings.


Permission Levels

Super Administrator (901) - May perform any action within the cluster except delete or demote itself. These accounts can be deleted or demoted by using a second Super Administrator account.

Administrator (701) - Can perform all actions of the Super Administrator except manage administrative accounts. 

Junior Administrator (501) - Can modify settings, but cannot create any new settings or components such as domains, policies, file extensions, etc. 

Release Manager (301) - Cannot modify any settings but can release quarantined email, view logs and statistical data. 

Reviewer (101) - View only of all settings. Can create and view statistical data sets. 

Demo (1) - View only of everything. Cannot modify own account. 


Common Actions

Below are some common actions performed by administrators. The administrative account permission level (see above) must be equal to or greater to the action being performed.

Permission   Action
 900  Manage administrative users
 700  Create new system assets such as file extensions and spam rules
   Create new policies such as Process and Archive policies
   Manage cluster configuration and cluster member settings
   Add and delete domains, networks, cluster members, assets
   Add and delete continent and country blocks
 500  Manage policies such as allowing a file extension within a File policy  
   Manage Archive policies
   Adding or editing Portal users
   Modify spam scores for specific spam rules
   Add whitelist or blacklist entries for entire domains or networks
300  Release or view quarantined email
   Download raw email or file attachments
   Add whitelist or blacklist entries for specific email addresses
100  Create statistical data charts and reports
   Update own account information or change password
1  View interface and configuration settings




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