License Assignment Guide

License Assignment data is displayed on the Mailborder website within your account. 

License assignment data is based on license activation records. If your server was activated from the IP address, the Mailborder activation server performed a reverse lookup on the connecting IP address of during the activation. 

Both IPv4 and IPv6 IP addresses are recognized. If your server is behind a proxy, the X-Forwarded-For header was used to determine your server's IP address.

If your PTR record is not displayed correctly below the IP address, update your DNS records and then perform a license deactivation followed by a license activation to update the records on the Mailborder activation server. 

The System Identifier code is a unique code associated with your Mailborder server. You can view your identifier code in the Mailborder GUI by viewing the status of the particular server. You can also view the system identifier code from the command line using:


mb-license -i
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