Email Template Basics

Email templates are used within Mailborder for reporting information such as statistics and quarantine actions. Examples of the types of reports available are Master Summary Reports and Portal User Reports. 

You can fully customize your own email templates and use slugs, or placeholders, to populate data within the email. This allows you to create your own custom format and still have access to all of the relevant statistical information. These templates are then assigned for use. The two primary types of templates are for Master Global Reports and Portal User Reports.

Valid Code Format

The only valid code types allowed in the template is HTML and CSS. PHP code will not be evaluated and if included will actually show up as text. Javascript will trigger the Dangerous Content scanner in Mailborder and result in a quarantined email. 


For details on how to use data slugs see:

Master Global Report Templates

Portal User Report Templates 


For details on how to customize the CSS see:

Customizing Master Summary Reports CSS


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