Engine Flow

Email flow through the Mailborder Gullekson Virtuoso (GV) engine is handled by a Postfix/Mailborder inet milter and the GV service daemon. The Postfix service is configured to inject all email into the GV engine which then injects it back into Postfix after inspection. 

Inbound email is defined as any email arriving via an external source, such as the internet, or via an internal source, such as an internal server using Mailborder as a smarthost. 


Email Flow

email in -> Postfix MTA -> Mailborder GV inet milter on localhost:10025 -> hold

hold -> GV engine  -> scan -> {send / archive / defer / delay / quarantine / jail / corrupt }

GV engine {send} -> Postfix on localhost:10026 -> delivery queue

Postfix delivery queue -> final delivery


This flow process is accordance with Postfix recommendations and complies to RFC 821 and RFC 822 guidelines. 



In the event of a service outage by the Mailborder GV engine, the Postfix MTA will store inbound email until the GV service is restored. 

In the event of a service outage by the Postfix MTA, the Mailborder GV engine will store outbound email until the Postfix service is restored.


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